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Origin: North America

Appearance: These related species have a similar appearance and characteristics. Hickory heartwood is tan or reddish, with white to tan sapwood. Pecan heartwood tends to be reddish brown with brown stripes, and the sapwood is white or creamy white with pinkish tones. The open grain of pecan, which is wavy or irregular, contrasts nicely with the closed, rough-textured grain of hickory. Traditionally, flooring mills mix hickory and pecan together. Generally, used in casual settings although with the right touch it can take on an elegant look when contrasting with black cabinets.

Janka Hardness: 1820 (One of the hardest Northern American hardwoods, it is a favorite for active families.

Hickory is commonly known to be hard as stone, heavy as lead, and strong as an ox. It is these unique characteristics that make Hickory such a durable and tough wood for any application. Hickory is also uncommonly known as America’s first hardwood species. Shamrock is one of only a few flooring manufactures specializing in the making of Hickory plank flooring.

In Premium Hickory Plank Flooring, only the best boards available are used to provide a uniform appearance to each board whether it is all heartwood, sapwood, or a mix of each. Shamrock’s discriminating grading is a testament to the quality and beauty of the Premium Grade.

A Natural grade of Hickory is available for those who love not only color variations, but also all the natural characteristics found in Hickory lumber; i.e., sound knots, pinholes, bird peck and a color variation differing from board to board. Natural Character Hickory is the most popular grade of Hickory as evidenced by countless installations in today’s showcase homes and establishments.

Whether it is Premium or Natural Hickory plank flooring, the product is certain to please the most discriminating tastes. Every piece of flooring is precision molded for secure and consistent appearance and wearability. Not only is the flooring easier to install, time and money are saved as well. This is one of many reasons to choose Shamrock Plank Flooring when it comes to buying the best plank flooring available.

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