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Hard Maple

Origin: Throughout most of North America. However, most valuable species are concentrated in the eastern United States and Canada, particularly in the mid-Atlantic and Lake States.

Appearance: The sapwood of maple is a warm creamy white, while the heartwood ranges from creamy white to light reddish brown. Grading is very important to maple, as a high grade (clear or select) will have a uniform creamy white color, while lower grades allow more mineral streaking and variation in color changing the look dramatically. This wood has a closed, subdued grain and a uniform texture, with medium figuring. The figuring is variously described as quilted, curly, “bird’s-eye,” and “fiddleback.” During the grading process, interestingly figured boards are often culled from the group and sold at a premium. Due to its light color and durability, maple is a popular choice when a “contemporary” look is desired for a wood floor.

Janka Hardness: 1450

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